Hello and welcome to Countrycrasher.cc!

You might be wondering where you are and quite frankly that’s a fantastic question, which I will try to answer as best as I can:

First of all, my name is Robin and I’m pleased to meet you. Countrycrasher is my blog, which I use to talk about my life, my adventures and just about anything else that I consider remotely interesting to my audience. I’m also in my early twenties and hence apply to the category of confused young guys who have no idea what they’re doing but try really hard to hide it.

So far, this blog has mainly been about Asia, which might have something to do with my obsession with this part of the world. I’ve been to both Japan and Korea for some time and absolutely love everything I encountered there, with some exceptions of course. I am also on my way into marketing, so maybe I’ll post or link to some piece of information that I think might be interesting.

I also love all kinds of food and I really mean all kinds of food. I ate bugs, rotten fish and boiled guts and don’t regret anything about it.

To sum it up: If you have an interest about travelling, love to see pictures of (sometimes) strange food and might want to see what it’s like to get into marketing – congratulations, you might want to stay.

You can always reach me in the comments or on Instagram, if you ever feel the need to talk to me.

Xoxo Robin

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