Big bridge in Kiba Park

Hello everybody, it is me again. I am still sick but it’s starting to get better. For example, my sense of smell returned and with that the constant flavour of curry and fish in the air. It is really weird how all of Japan smells like food and how those Japanese people managed to stay so slim under these conditions. It’s not a bad thing though, since Japanese food is pretty good.

Last night I mostly spent being sick and watching Japanese television. I’m pretty sure Japanese Game shows violate human rights on a daily basis. There was a show with men dressed as various Japanese trains moving in a circle and whenever the camera was looking at them they had to mimic the sound of something. The sounds ranged from kitten to Japanese Pub. The dude who had to make the sound of a pub lost by the way because he didn’t know how to express that with noises like NYANYA or KAKA. As punishment for his shameful display of sounds he was sentenced to take a short ride in a replica of a Japanese subway filled with huge and heavy men dressed as girls. I’m glad feminist frequency doesn’t monitor Japanese TV yet.

After waking up I felt great and decided to go to Kiba Park which is nearby. That was a mistake because I instantly felt terrible again after leaving my room. It was still nice but difficult to managed with the ‘Don’t blow your nose in public’ rule around here.

Kiba Koen Oo Hashi, which roughly translates to ‘Big bridge in Kiba Park’. They didn’t promise too much because it did in fact turn out to be a bridge.

Now I’m writing this post and am thinking about grabbing dinner somewhere. Any suggestions? Nearby there’s Ramen, Curry, Italian and Japanese BBQ.

That’s it for now.
Xoxo Robin

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