Excuse me sir, where is shybooyah?

Hello everyone, today I’ve been to Shibuya. For those of you who don’t know about it yet, Shibuya is that big crossing with those huge screens at the buildings. It’s a pretty famous place and great for shopping. Sadly, I don’t like shopping. If I had to pick a place to go shopping,  I’d go for Shibuya. Just because they don’t blast music at you with a volume that makes you feel nauseous.

Arriving there with the train is the first great thing, you basically shoot out of a tunnel and get to look straight at the main crossing. Kind of like in a movie, just that it’s not really a movie. It would’ve been a movie if I recorded it though, if that makes you feel better. Right after leaving the train I got approached by a Spanish couple, that was looking for Shybooyah. Being the skilled tourist guide I am told them to follow me and we arrived at our goal 10 seconds later. That reminds me, walls of text are boring so let’s just do the picture thing.

This is Shibuya. Shibuya is a part of Tokyo. Tokyo is in Japan. Shibuya is in Japan too. It’s weird to see the circle close.
There were many people, none of them stopped moving for no reason though. I like this place.
They have big screens there. It’s kinda hard to say something about those pictures since you can actually see what’s going on for yourself. It’s really sad what American capitalism has done to this once so proud country. Where is communist fish when you need him to save this land?
Even the streets leading away from the main crossing were really busy.
To my surprise there weren’t that many Pachinko halls. I only found three.
I call this picture “Buildings and People”. I got my naming skills from Japanese tradition and was heavily influenced by classics such as “Tokyo Tower”, “Big Bridge in Kiba Park” and “Rainbow Bridge”.
And then it suddenly got dark in an instant. It’s as if somebody flicked the light switch. It looked kinda cool though.
More Shibuya.
To my surprise there are less people on the streets in the evening, even though it was only around 7pm. I would’ve expected that to be prime time around there.
This is a request somebody made. Said person wanted to know what Japanese trains look like from the inside. I guess they look like trains with ads everywhere.

And that was Shibuya. It also happened to be my last full day in this country. It actually makes me kind of sad to leave already, despite having travelled the country for a decent amount of time. There are so many things that I haven’t seen yet. Maybe I will return one day. Tomorrow I’ll be spending some time with a person I know from language exchange in Narita. At 9:20pm I will leave Japan and will arrive in Germany at around 2:30pm. I will maybe post another update once I’m back home, to tell you guys about what happened in Narita and some more stuff about Japan. I think I might keep this blog for my next travels, so if you’re interested feel free to not completely erase it from your memory. I hope you had some fun reading about my adventures in Japan and I’m looking forward to having my own PC at home again.

Of course I have dinner pictures again, for those of you who only read this blog solely for that reason.

Today I went to eat somewhere fancy, kind of as a goodbye. From left to right: Tofu, Sashimi, Pickled Appetisers. It was delicious.
This was the main course, it’s called Shabu Shabu and is basically a kind of fondue. You get vegetables and Udon noodles served together with raw beef and various sauces. In the middle of the table there’s an induction heater that boils a stew for you. It’s a great but expensive experience. Don’t do it if you haven’t mastered your chopstick skills yet, you’ll only make a fool of yourself just like I did. At least the other customers and the restaurant staff had some fun with me.

That’s it for today, tune in next time.
xoxo Robin

PS: Thanks mom for all the funding.

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