Mamonaku: Explosions

Hello everybody, it’s me again. For two days now I am back in Joyo and I figured it would be the perfect time to post a blog update. Especially now that I can show some pictures.

Yesterday we decided to head to Osaka, which is pretty close to where we are right now. Only takes about an hour by train. Distances here in general don’t mean much. Back home in Germany, 200km are quite a lot but here you can cover that in about 40 minutes by using a train that looks like a mix of an airplane and a kitchen blender, maybe with some other stuff involved too, you never know. ¬†Also trains are running what feels like every 2 minutes, which is really convenient too.

Anyways back to where I left off, after arriving in Osaka we decided to check out the Osaka Aquarium, which apparently holds the record for something. Maybe it was the world largest tank? They have whale-sharks there though and that alone is cool enough to make it be worth a visit. Finding the place was kinda difficult because the word ‘aquarium’ does not seem to be one of the English words Japanese people use. We still figured out where to go and our rail-passes paid off once more.

Matsumoto AUTTO
A thing.

I would like to show you way more pictures but you don’t feel the pain of selecting every single picture by hand and then having your phone turn off wifi so you have to do it all over again. I have to come up with a better way of doing this because this way I’m going crazy.

Communist Fish tells you to support the Communist Party.
A big fish.

The aquarium was really amazing. After we were done ,we decided to go and check out a boat tour called Aqua Liner but finding that turned out to be more difficult than you would expect. We somehow ended up at Osaka Castle where it was mostly forbidden to take pictures. No, this is not just an excuse to not have to go through the Android ‘select a single picture to upload and then turn off wifi menu again. Okay maybe a little. Anyways.

Inside the castle there was a lot about the Tokugawa family and wars and everything and I’m not going to do a history class here because I’m going to mix up names and make a fool of myself. If you’re interested feel free to use the internet search engine of your choice to find out more about ‘Osaka Castle War’.

This is the castle.
This is also the castle.

By the time we got out of there, the sun was already running away from us and the Aqua Liner was closed. We went back to eat bean-icecream all the way up on a high building in the heart of Osaka before we decided to head home again. We were about to enter the rapid transit when I told Pan to wait because just the rapid transit wasn’t fast enough. We’re in Japan after all, the land of fast. I pointed at the timetable where it said something like ‘super duper limited express fast optimus prime speedaloozle train of the year edition super hakata’ and we both instantly agreed on taking that one, even though it was 15 minutes delayed. Once it arrived it made a very disturbing noise and on the ride back it felt like it was going to explode with every bump on the rails. We still managed to get home faster than with the normal rapid transit for boring people.

That’s it for today. If anybody knows a way of uploading many pictures at once without having to maneuver through a ton of menus for every single one, please let me know. Also the text correction proofread thing isn’t working today and I’m too scared of messing everything up by trying to correct it by hand. Please be gentle.

Xoxo Robin

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