The constitutional right to thank Obama

I was told that, as a German, I don’t have that. But who should I thank then? Merkel? Heck no. America is a free country and everyone has the right to thank Obama for ruining the video upload yesterday.

Anyways, today is Saturday or something and I have a Japanese cold. Yeah, those are the ones that kill you. I figured it’d be best to spend my last few hours by writing a blog post. For science.

Today is also the first day of Comiket, for those of you who don’t know their way around Japanese culture like me, that’s a huge convention for people who want to spend all of their money on fan made art of their favourite cartoon characters. Think of it as Deviant Art: The Convention. For some of you that might sound great and for others it might sound scary and confusing and that’s what it mostly is.

Today I don’t have any new pictures because I spent most of the day in bed, so I’ll just dump a few old ones. Be warned, they might not be in order.

Obligatory find the popular Disney character reference.
This is on top of the Nagoya tower. It’s a place where couples kiss and be a couple. I thought about kissing someone but only I was there.
This is Nagoya at night seen from the Nagoya tower. It looks very nice. The park in the middle of the picture is called Central Park and is famous for German food. Yeah, let that sink in.

That’s it for now. I will now try to find a Seben Ereben to buy some Hagen Datsu.

Xoxo Robin

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