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8 Things You Should Absolutely Do In Korea

With my three-month journey slowly heading towards, I decided it’d be the perfect time to tell you guys about the best stuff in Korea. Now of course this list is only reflecting my personal views and tastes but since I’m a relatively boring person, I figured that those things would be good all-round options for everyone! 🙂 Korea has a lot more to offer than this list covers though and honestly became one of my favorite travelling-destinations on earth, so stay tuned for more information about this amazing country! Anyway, let’s start it off:

1. Take a looong weekend-trip with a Rail-Ro pass

The Rail-Ro pass is the holy grail of Korean tourism. With it, you can travel freely through Korea for a maximum of 7-days and a cost of 62,700 won (~$55). I recommend taking the route from Seoul to Busan with as many stops as you wish in between. On your way are amazing destinations like Jeonju, Yeosu, Busan and Daegu – all of which are totally worth a visit.

2. Drink some Makgeolli in Jeonju

For those of you who don’t know yet: Makgeolli is a Korean alcohol made from fermented rice and one of the most iconic drinks of the country. It tastes like a mix of cold medicine and water with a slightly milky texture and is a main cause for hangovers. Jeonju, a city in the center of South-Korea is famous for its traditional Makgeolli and most restaurants there serve you food depending on how much you drink. You better empty those Makgeolli pots if you want to eat delicious Korean food. Non-alcoholics can always drink some deliciously sweet and cold Sikhye, which serves as a good alternative in my opinion. If you want to know more about Jeonju’s Makgeolli, check out this post: Travelling with Rail-Ro: Jeonju

Makgeolli in a restaurant in Jeonju, SK
This is some of Jeonju’s delicious Makeolli!

3. Take the Railbike along the coast of Yeosu

Yeosu is a beautiful coastal city already but riding a modified bike along old abandoned rail-tracks right next to the coast is one of the most romantic things I ever did. It’s also good practice for your leg-muscles, as the way back to the starting point comes with a slight but deadly slope. I covered Yeosu’s Railbike in a previous post, which you can find right here.

4. Eat out in Hongdae

Let’s stay in Seoul for a bit longer and visit Hongdae: Seoul’s art district. Hongdae is not only home to Hong-Ik University, one of the best places to go for Korean art students, but also home to tons of small and cute shops, stores, restaurants and cafes. Here you’ll get to taste Korean food for an affordable price in the middle of a young audience. Especially on weekends and at night the place really comes to life.

5. Eat fish-cakes in Busan

Busan, the huge metropolis in the south-east of South Korea, doesn’t just come with one of the biggest harbors in the world – it’s also home to some of the most delicious fish-cakes in all of Korea. You can buy them almost everywhere, so they make for a perfect cheap and filling snack. You can also visit a fishcake-bakery and buy a ton of different cakes to eat while travelling. They taste super delicious hot and cold, though personally I prefer warm foods.

fishcakes bought from street vendor in Busan, SK
Super delivious fishcakes on Busan’s night-market!

6. Get lost in Dongdaemun

Another great destination for shopping is Dongdaemun north of Seoul’s Han-River. Here you’ll find yourself in the middle of huge malls selling everything from jewelry, food, clothes and shoes to utility items. This is the perfect place for crafty people and you can easily spend hours here without even coming close to having seen it all.

7. Go shopping in Myeondong

Seoul is full of quirky districts, each coming with their own subculture and inhabitants and Myeondong is one of them. The shopping district is famous for its colorful luminous advertisements everywhere and especially beautiful at night. Just don’t get lost in-between all the alleys and stores. Places to shop almost always come with places to eat and Myeondong is no exception. Nothing tops a nice batch of spicy Ddeokkbokki after an exhausting afternoon of shopping.

8. Visit the DMZ

North Korea is one of the strangest countries in today’s world and certainly also one of the most interesting ones. During your stay in South-Korea you’ll have plenty of chances to get a bit close to this well-guarded country. A really great spot to getting a small glimpse of the life near the Border is Imjingak, close to Paju City. This is an especially great place to visit the DMZ at, as you can reach it with subways and busses in just under two hours from Seoul! Here’s some more information about Imjingak and the DMZ 🙂

Imjingak Railroad Bridge
The infamous railroad bridge in Imjingak. Only one stop away from North Korea!

See you guy soon with the next Rail-Ro updates!
xoxo Robin

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