A story of planes, busses, food, drinks and sleep

안녕하세요 everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, I certainly had one. As you may know by having followed the recent updates of this blog and being my small but friendly readerbase, I am now in Korea. This is also the perfect time to apologize for my absence the past three days, which I will proceed to explain now.

Saturday was our flight. Before that I spent a lot of time at Frankfurt airport, where I had many opportunities to judge other people. Mainly, I am amazed by the amount of people who must be stranded in Frankfurt, having missed their flights. Especially those to Beijing and Shanghai seem to be easily missable, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re still a mile away from your departure gate while a friendly airport staff desperately begs you to come to the gate already: Don’t worry. You’re not alone and I’m certain Frankfurt airport has a very welcoming and fast growing community of stranded people.

This was about two hours after our departure. It got dark really fast but that was good for sleeping.

Usually I am not a fan of long flights, though this time it was pretty alright. My seat didn’t have another seat behind it, so I could lie down without feeling bad at all. That coupled with me finally getting around to finish watching the Hobbit trilogy, made the flight a really short experience. The food was better than usual and the people around us stayed silent during the whole flight. My rating: Lufthansa/10 – would sleep again.

In Seoul it was raining heavily, so much actually, that you really couldn’t see anything while landing at all. I took a video but it ain’t that great, maybe I’ll upload that later, but I don’t think many of you guys are as obsessed with watching planes fly as I am. This was also the point where I started regretting not bringing any warm clothes, by the way. It was and still is kinda cold around here and I’m just waiting to catch a cold. It’ll be fine though, since I already survived a Japanese cold and those are known to kill everyone.

This is Seoul at night. It’s very colourfull and bright and according to my girlfriend and her friends, there is a brothel hidden somewhere in this picture.

One of my girlfriend’s friends let us sleep in her apartment for a night, since she apparently rarely uses it anyways. This really would’ve helped getting some new spirits back into our exhausted bodies, if we wouldn’t have gone to three different bars the night we arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to bars and I also did enjoy it on the day of our arrival, but in hindsight just sleeping would’ve also been okay.  Sadly I forgot to take pictures of our dinner back then, so here’s one of Kimbap. Kimbap is kind of a Korean Onigiri-Roll and super delicious. You can get it everywhere for less than 1€ so it’s a perfect snack!

This is Kimbap! My girlfriend suggested I start writing Kimbap reviews, so I’ll go ahead and do exactly that: My first Kimbap in Korea was filled with tuna and ground meat, it was good. I rate it 8/10 Kimbap points on the Robin-Raymann-Kimbap-Scale

After our stay at Seoul, we went ahead and travelled to Gwangju in the south of South-Korea. Going there you basically have three viable choices. First being an airplane, which is unreasonably expensive and far beyond my funds, second being trains, which my girlfriend doesn’t like and third being busses. Considering option one and two were out of the question, we settled with the third one. There was two busses going from Seoul to Gwangju, a smaller and cheaper but a bit uncomfortable one, kinda like economy class airplane seats on a bad airline, and a bigger one with premium seats, that are super comfortable. I actually wanted to take LOTS of pictures of Korea during the busride but the seats were so good, I fell asleep pretty much immediately and after I woke up it was already dark outside. The ride took about three hours, including a short break for toilets and snacks. Of course me being me I went ahead and bought some! The first one was dried cuttlefish and the second one some kind of fish-sausage. I preferred the dried cuttlefish but I guess the sausage wasn’t that bad either.

That’s it for today! Now I’m heading to a korean barbershop and somewhere else. I’ll tell you more about my journeys through the almost-land-of-the-rising-sun once I have more to report!


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