I’m getting nervous!

Ribs at night, sorry the lighting is a bit bad. The sun didn’t want to cooperate and went home early.

Hello everyone! First of all: The party is over and it was pretty fantastic. I will attach some pictures, but I don’t have that many sadly. The weather was kinda terrible but that doesn’t stop a German from drinking beer and having fun. We prepared ribs, chicken, some veggies and potatoes. People seemed to have liked that, considering everything was gone at the end. It was super fun and really refreshing to see most of our friends, at least the ones who could make it, again before our departure. It’s not like those three months are forever but it’s still quite some time.

Anway, I still haven’t started packing my things and it’s barely three days left before my flight to Frankfurt and then Seoul. I have no idea what I should pack yet so I guess I should start making some plan. Remember when I said the preparations have begun last week? That was a lie. Yeah I lied. Deal with it.

I can’t promise that there will be another update before we arrive, since I’ll be pretty busy at work for the next three days and I don’t think there will be anything worthwhile to report to you guys. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you from the far east!



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