Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday and get straight to the fun stuff, shall we? After the barber, who albeit being very nice, cut my hair very short, we went to a cafe so I could work a bit. I was surprised at the prices because it was super duper expensive but it served as a good place to get some stuff done. There we also met one of her friends, who luckily speaks Japanese really well. That made communicating a lot easier for me, since now I had three languages to get my points across.

Before that, we did a quick detour through a Korean market. It was really interesting to see what kind of stuff Korean people make their meals with. I kinda want to buy some of that fish you see in the pictures below and try myself at cooking that, but I don’t have that much practise cooking fish so I’m afraid I’ll mess it up!

The fish in question.
Some rice substitute. It was a bit expensive so the conclusion is it must be good.

Once I was done seeing the market and finished working a bit in the cafe, we went to a local pub where I got to try Korean beer again. As a German I feel privileged to judge about beer in other countries and thus I must conclude that Korean beer is about the worst beer I’ve ever tried. Even worse than American one. The worst of the worst is an abomination called “Cass” though. It is in fact so bad, that they had to make a study to conclude that the vile and chemical smell of this yellow sparkly substance is not a health issue. I hope I made it clear enough just about which levels of awful we’re talking here. Luckily I didn’t have to drink that again and we settled with slightly less dreadful drinks while Minjae and I explained how amazing and especially cheap German beer is compared to the Korean alternatives.

Beer and snacks! The french fries are coverd in parmesan cheese, which gives them a really nice taste. In the middle of the plate are some pickled jalapenos.

I’m not sure if it was my face while drinking the beer or them feeling pity with me, but something made us decide to go to a nearby Izakaya. An Izakaya 居酒屋 is a Japanese pub with lots of alcohol and super delicious snacks. The goal here isn’t to get wasted as fast as possible but to talk, drink and eat for a long time. First we had some seared tuna (マグロたたき) followed by oden. It was super amazing, especially in combination with the drinks and the whole atmosphere.

Seared tuna on the left, oden on the right. Both were fantastic.

After an hour or so, another of their friends joined us and invited us to a Japanese Sashimi restaurant. It was super expensive and arguably, some of the best food I ever ate. I was a tiny bit tipsy (warning: Understatement) so sadly I can not remember the names of the stuff we ate. The one I do remember though was sea-urchin (海胆). It’s super expensive and one of those love-it-or-hate-it foods but for me, after finally having had the chance to try it, it’s definitely on the love list.

Uni is the brown/occher coloured one on the top right. Please make sure to try that, if you ever have the chance.

I really have to say thanks again, for the invitation to go to this place. Admittedly, it would be FAR beyond my budget for Korea to eat all those things there. The Sushi wasn’t the only thing we got to eat there though. We also got to try even more Tuna, this time completely raw and a bit fatty but super delicious and raw salmon. Both were absolutely fantastic and tasted incredible in combination with all those side-dishes and as if that wasn’t already enough, we drank Sake like there was no tomorrow. Sadly, there was a tomorrow and hence I feel a bit not-so-good today but that’s a price I’m absolutely willing to pay for yesterday’s night.

Raw tuna with a variety of pickles and sauces. The brown stuff on the left is spicy brown Japanese raddish (大根).
Another shot.
Raw salmon. A classic and one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I love the texture in your mouth and the salmon flavor.
More Sushi!
Salmon cheeks. A bit fatty for my taste but I can see why people like it!

Right now we’re taking a break. Minjae is feeling a bit sick after yesterday’s drinking adventure and I am admittedly also a bit hungover. Maybe there won’t be a blog post tomorrow, if nothing is going to happen today. We’ll see!

Until then:
Much love

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