Travelling with Rail-Ro: Yeosu

Waking up with a slight hang-over from our Makgeolli-Party in Jeonju, we decided the best thing would just be  to pack our things up quickly and head to the next destination on our plan: Yeosu, an ocean city in the very South of Korea and one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen so far. The city got some international fame through being the host of 2012’s expo under the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast”.

KTX and Mungunhwa in Yeosu station
Right after arriving in Yeosu it was already hot. On the left is our train, which was quite slow. On the right you can see a KTX, which is super fast but also expensive. Too expensive.

Yeosu is also famous for a special treat called Gejang (게장), which is a super delicious dish with fermented seafood. I know that Korea made me sound overly excited about all kinds of fermented stuff and most of my readers have some troubles coping with that, but you just gotta believe me. It doesn’t taste fermented at all, it just tasted like slightly salty-ish seafood. Please do yourself the favor of trying it out sometime!

This is called Yangnyeom Gejang and tastes great! As if eating shelled seafood wasn’t messy enough as it is already though, they added a sticky red sauce that makes it virtually impossible to eat without making a mess.

Taking an early train gave us a whole lot of time in Yeosu, which we used to take a ride with Yeosu’s famous railbike, visit my then soon-to-be favorite temple and take a romantic cable car flight over the city. Let’s start with the railbike and break it up a bit though: Yeosu’s railbike attraction lets you ride along the coast on old railroad tracks by using 4-seat bikes. A little heads up for big tourists: Those bikes are small! I think it’s a perfect thing for couples and families though, but you should go there with at least two people or else it’ll be too exhausting as the bikes are quite heavy and the way back to the station comes with a slight slope upwards. There’s nothing more romantic than dying with your partner of choice though!

The day was nearing its end and it was getting a bit dark, Minjae really wanted to show me her favorite temple though, which is about a 1-hour bus-ride away from Yeosu. I used to dislike travelling by bus because I felt like it was inconvenient and uncomfortable, but ever since the rise of the Mein Fernbus Empire in Germany and my introduction to Kumho-Buslines in Korea, I actually started loving them. You get to see so much of a country and these days there’s quite often a working power-supply and/or W-LAN on board.
Anyway, back to the temple: Once we arrived I was quite shocked to find out about the way to get there, because it consists of stairs built into the mountain:

This is the view you’re greeted with after arriving with the bus. It doesn’t look very motivating to a lazy slouch like me but climbing that mountain turned out to be totally worth it!
The first of about 5 or 6 sets of stairs. It actually looks less exhausting than it was. I should maybe go to the gym.

After about half an hour of climbing stairs, we finally reached the top and were greeted by an absolutely stunning scenery. It actually looks like something out of a fantasy movie and I can easily understand now, why this is Minjae’s favorite temple. The location combined with the view and the beautiful Korean temple buildings were just awe inspiring. If you ever get to be around Yeosu, you should totally check this place out. It’s worth it, given you have the physical strength to climb stairs for half an hour. I recommend visiting it during dusk, as the lighting is just super fantastic during the evening hours.

And this is the view you're rewarded with, once you managed the climb. Sadly the weather wasn't the nicest, but combined with the beautiful scenery and silence of the temple, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
And this is the view you’re rewarded with, once you managed the climb. Sadly the weather wasn’t the nicest, but combined with the beautiful scenery and silence of the temple, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
Sorry for the picture quality, it was quite dark in that shrine!
A shot of the temple to show the mountains behind it.
Another shot of the temple, sadly the lighting wasn’t so good so most of the pictures didn’t turn out too well 🙁 Someone teach me photography?

Afterwards it was time for a romantic ride in a cable car over Yeosu. I wish I had some good pics of that but sadly shooting pictures at night out of a lit and fast moving cabin is something my photographer-skills don’t quite allow yet. The ride cost us about 20 € and was totally worth it! I love cable cars, I love cities at night and I love the ocean – this ride was all of that combined.

Back home in our motel we ordered some fried chicken and went to sleep early to prepare ourselves for our last stop on this trip: Busan

Tune in for more soon 🙂
Xoxo Robin

PS: Here’s some bonus streetfood pictures because I love you guys and gals:



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